Another Fuel issue...

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Hey guys
New to posting but long time creeper of the forums so here we go. I have a 1997 challenger 1800 twin 787. We have had her a couple months now and it has been good. Runs good hits 6900 Rpm no problem. The only issue has been starting or restarting the engines. First start usually goes off without a hitch but usually if we stop and sit for a bit the might be a little temperamental. Now today the starboard engine wont start at all. Okay there's the problem now for what I have done to try and fix it.

Compression is an even 140 across all 4 cylinders. Took the air box off so it has air. checked for spark it has good spark new plugs about a month ago. Changed the fuel filter to an inline fram filter. I has black fuel lines (previous owner).
All this and still wont start. ps The port engine same upgrades and runs like a dream fires right up. I even tried taking the hose off the valve to eliminate the chancing of that being the problem. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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