1997 seadoo gsi fuel issue


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Hello, I have a 1997 seafoo gsi that has a fuel issue. I checked for spark and compression and both are good. New plugs, whole carb rebuild, new filters, new battery. When ever I go to crank it, it turns over fine but wont start. When It does finally start, it runs great for about 5-10 seconds then it dies and has trouble starting again. When I put my finger over the fuel inlet on the carb and turn the engine over, I don’t feel any suction at all (should I feel suction?). I’ve already gone back through and ensured all the carb seals and gaskets are properly seated and wern’t missing. I put 5 gallons of clean fuel in the tank and blew out all fuel lines with compressed air. Any advice?
Install a short clear hose from the carburetor to a container of fuel. This illuminates the fuel system and tells you that the carbs are able to pump fuel
The Seadoo Carb Rebuild Thread
Good news is the fuel systems on these are quite simple to fix so of the 3 components needed to run, spark, compression and fuel, I’m always happy when it’s fuel I’m lacking. This is what works for me, rebuild the carbs with the back too OEM kits from OSD marine, I wouldn’t buy a kit anywhere else, especially not off Amazon. Replace the fuel lines with good black fuel line, I like the continental, fits nice and tight, zip ties to hold them on, replace the fuel selector valve and the square o ring in the fuel filter/water separator. I’ve attached the carb rebuild thread. Have a look at it, you may see something that you missed.
I just tried using the clear fluid line method and the carb is successfully sucking fuel. I’m going to assume I need new fuel hoses since I have the crappy gray lines and has greenish goop coming out. I’ll try that tomorrow.
When you rebuilt carbs did you do the pop off test, and did you leak check it? Also, like burtshaver said, only use the OEM kit.
If it’s running with a auxiliary line directly to the tank, you could go ahead and order a new fuel selector valve. They tend to fail when sitting. Might get yoI on the water faster.