Aluminum Rave Valve Pistons

If the part number for your 96 is in the list (because it matches the 97 part) I would contact the ebay seller and let him know that and ask why he states that it will not fit 96 787 models in the ad. It is not uncommon to get incorrect info listed in ebay ads.
@bigJake , did you ever get any of these? How did they work out?
I posted in this thread that I did buy some but they thread size was 1.25mm and my rave stem threads are 1.00mm. I got a pretty good price on them so decided to just retap the threads to 1.00mm and try them next summer. I did test tap one and it seems pretty sturdy (more so than the plastic threads) so I think they will work fine Replacement Rave Housing.

@ReKeenen posted this link he found that has the 1.00mm threads 1 Sea Doo Ski Doo Aluminum 787 800 RFI 951 Exhaust Rave Valve Piston Seadoo Pwc | eBay