Add a battery system 2010 C210 SE twin 155’s

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2010 C210 SE twin 155’s add a battery system. Added external charger port, dash voltage gauge for both batteries & a dedicated on off switch for the stereo system so as long as the master switch is on I can power the stereo on & off even without the key in ignition.
Like the extra power button on the side, is that just for the stereo?

Yep, isolated the stereo & amp (turns on via remote wire when stereo turns on) but allowed me to keep the start battery running all the stock connections except for the stereo & 12v accessories plugs. Those are now on the deep cycle auxiliary house battery. I plan to add some lights a bigger amp & any other electrical accessories will all be ran off the new battery too but that power button allows me to run the stereo even when the key is out as long as the master switch is on.
I changed the wiring over similarly. I don’t have a key, just the post. But have Rocker switches that control the power options like your button with the battery switch on. Even added one for the tower amp so I can flip tower speakers on and off easily
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