Engines start but no Dash power

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Hey guys,
2010 210 Challenger SE, twin 155's.
Never had an electrical issue, worked great last season & no issues the day i winterized it & put it away for the cold season. Put the batteries back in today & turned the key. fuel pump comes on but there is no power up front at the dash. blower switch does not turn on the blower either. I have power at the master shut off switch, cant find any blown fuses, but the weird thing is that even though i have power leaving my master cut off switch when I check with a multi meter, up front that same cable is not giving me a power reading (multi-meter grounded to the ground block under the helm). & even more, I also have a second auxillary battery that runs from the battery to the master switch (i have a blue seas kit that allows for either isolating or combining batteries with the switch) I have power at every point from the master switch & leaving the switch for the auxillary house battery too, but when i check it at the helm, same problem as the starting battery cable. there has to be a simple thing i am missing here....fuse, relay, something else? I read someone saying that the boat controls power by turning the GROUND on & off rather than the power, which would make sense if there was a problem with that in that both of my power cables when grounded to my engine block & tested at the master switch have power but it's not reading up under the dash. any insight or help is appreciated.

Thank You
a bit of humble pie & some brief inquiry on the web & some guys were suggesting that in this case it is likely a loose or missing ground connection. I went back out & sure enough, the grounding block main ground cable from the battering to the grounding block at the helm was missed & not connected. I connected it & am back in action & ready for the water tomorrow! I hope this post may help someone else in the future that perhaps had the same mishap that I did.
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