97 GTX 787 Crank Seals?

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Hi what are the systems of worn crank seals? Hers the scenario, on trailer sometimes hard start sometimes one tap of button fires right up, sometimes excessive smoke sometimes normal smoke and sounds powerful, cranks slowly then acts hydro locked, remove plugs cranks good. Install plugs either locks or cranks and fires up. Carbs were done , then changed completely to a known good set, fuel lines ,selector and complete filter housing. It will run like perfect at times powerful revs up great, other it will fall flat on its face. Wow sorry so much info. Thanks
So, OP, did you ever determine whether or not it was the crank seals?

I'm having the same issue with mine and I believe it is the crank seals. It sat for quite a while over the winter and when I first tried to start it, it was hydro-locked. When I finally did get it started, the neighbors thought my garage was on fire.

I'm kind of disappointed that the crank seals are bad already. Engine rebuild is only coming up on 3 years.

Been using Mystik JT-4 oil since rebuild. Wonder if that could be the cause?
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