97 787 GTX pulse nipple came out

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Putting my freshly rebuilt 787 back into the hull and was connecting lines, cables etc. Got to the pulse line and went to tighten the hose to the nipple when it came out of the block! I thought it broke but it seems like it was just pressed into the block. You can see from the pic that it is boogered up some. Seems like someone did some work on this ski (duh) but didnt do everything right (had outboard 2 stroke oil in the tank, some gray gunked up lines and some tygon lines, stripped screw in a carb, blah blah blah). The manuals show it but no part number etc.

I cant find the part number for this to order a new one or what to do with it when I get it. I thought about red loctite and pushing it back in but I want my first attempt to be the right one so I dont make a mess of things.

Any ideas or suggestions? Anyone have the part I can buy?


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Could tap it NPT and add a universal fitting. Might be able to find a press in replacement as well but Id be worried about it not sealing properly since the orginal was damaged
Man I just got this back from seadooengineshop fully rebuilt. I really dont want to tap into that clean system. There really isnt much info out there but it seems that since it's just pushed into the block and the PSI is relatively low, that another one and some high temp JB weld should hold it in place.
You can try pressing a new one in with some sealant or jb weld. Just dont want an air leak there or you'll be running lean.
That's the plan, getting the part is another task. Seadoo manual considers it part of the block and no part number. I think I have one coming but man what a pain! Will definitely be super careful to do it well so it gets the right psi.
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