96 GTI Rotary Problems

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I was out on the lake and my seadoo was making a funny noise then it just died. Could never get it started again. I finally pulled the carbs to check the floats and noticed that a bolt was missing. The bolt fell and messed up the rotary plate (see picture). I was hoping I had found my problem but I don't think I have. With the carbs still off and the rotary cover off I checked to see if the rotary valve drive would turn. It only engages sometimes. Is that normal when there is no oil circulating? I am at a loss. I am not sure where to go from here, would love to avoid pulling the engine. Any suggestions would be helpful.


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I am puzzled though because sometimes it engages and sometimes it doesn't. What is the spring for, is it some type of clutch or engaging system? Also, wouldn't the gears on the thin rotary valve wear first?
Bills, referring to the brass gear, thats mounted on the rv assy, which turns the assy, in which the rv is attached to.

The shaft only turns sometime, cause the teeth are stripped.

You CAN, remove that assy, without splitting the case. Order a new assy, and not just the brass gear.
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