FOR SALE 787 Sale!

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Picked up this 787 from a lady who’s late husband apparently had been working on. I planned on using it for some sort of two stroke car build.. However as many of my lavish plans become- this became nothing at all. I need this beast off the floor. It’s been sitting in a dry basement for bout a year untouched since I brought it home. As these engines wont be attainable forever, and due to the climate cult are never again to be manufactured- I’d like this engine to stick with its original community.

I build engines and cars- so if you need me to remove the head for views of the bores or dimensions of what have you- just let me know. I can get whatever information you need if you’re a serious buyer.

Would like to move the engine as a single unit for ($300)+($7(miles delivered/30mpg)).

So if you live 500 miles from me that’s
$300+$116 = $416. So you get the motor delivered 500 miles for 416. See? Lol. Cool.

Yeah I take PayPal. I know there’ll be questions about a part out. Not interested in that right now. I’d like to move the whole motor to somebody who can part it out I don’t care. I haven’t the time right now.

Located in Wisconsin. Think Green Bay Packers. You’ll find me close to there.


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I am seriously interested in the motor. Any additional photos are appreciated.
I live in Gainesville, Ga. 30506. I happened up on a 1997 GTX 787 that has a very bad motor.
Thanks for any reply.
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Still for sale we can also work out shipping $300+shipping(1.25). Bores look brand new- took the head off applied some fluid film on the cylinder walls they look fabulous. Crosshatch is like new. Protect the bores before it’s hopeful future use.
If you still have this, could you ship it to Finland? We don't have many spareparts here.
If yes, send me an email: topi.laiho(@)