2020 GTI 130 - Has anyone ever had a ‘Stop Engine’ Warning?


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I have owned a rental company for a long time now and have never seen the dashboard say ‘Stop Engine’, nor have I seen anything online about it.

My 2020 GTI 130 goes into a limp mode while riding, and says Stop Engine on the screen. Both the oil light and check engine light come on. Coolant levels are fine, oil levels are perfect, and both oil and spark plugs recently changed. Can’t find any oil leaks or any leaks of that matter. I swapped out the oil pressure sensor, and the ski is still having the same issue. When I plug in my Computer to read the codes, no fault codes are showing up.

Has anyone had this issue in the past? Anyone know the next steps I should take?

Oil pressure regulator on the bottom of the PTO cover could be intermittently sticking open. Oil pressure test with a gauge at the sensor location might be a good idea first. Specs in your service manual. Engine needs to come out for regulator maintenance.