2019 Seadoo GTI SE 155 6300 Max RPM 45 MPH top speed only

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Hi guys, I bought a used (only 4 hours) 19 GTI 155 SE Friday. Got it out over the weekend and with normal key in Sport Mode I’m only getting top speed of 45mph and 6300 rpm. I’ve read conflicting comments on whether some of these non supercharged motors have an ecu controller break in. I put 2 hours on it and still the same (now has 6 hours). Fresh fuel, jet housing impeller look good , runs perfect but just signs off early and doesn’t seem to have full throttle available? Any one with input or thoughts? It’s still in warranty but my dealer is closed due to covid so was trying to investigate until I can talk to them. Thanks!
Page 84 of the owners manual mentions it but also says top speed is only limited on GTR's (for the GTI/GTR/Wake series)

A break-in period of 10 operating hours is required before running the watercraft at sustained full throttle. During this period, maximum throttle should not exceed 1/2 to 3/4 opening. However, brief full acceleration and speed variations contribute to a good break-in.

NOTICE Continued wide open throttle accelerations or operation, prolonged cruising speeds are detrimental during the break-in period.

NOTE: GTR 230 and GTR-X 230: During the first 5 hours of operation, the engine management limits the engine maximum speed for engine protection. The engine performance will progressively increase during this period.
I read that as well. We had a 18 that we bought new that was not restricted... googling things someone said they had a 19 that did it as well but no resolution or outcome on the thread. I don’t think it should be ecu restricted but that’s how it feels. Tried the learning key with the same max rpm and top speed of 45... it’s just weird!
You state you're getting the exact same performance with learning key and regular key...maybe they didn't program the regular key correctly??

Otherwise, it runs smooth?
Yes, that’s one of my theories. The yellow key does come up “normal” key. Will activate sport mode etc. learning key comes up learning key and won’t access sport mode. Identical top speed and rpm between the keys. The guy I bought if from was mid 60’s and probably never was the wiser. With 4 hours and warranty still left I never water tested as I would of never of thought any issues were present! It’s definitely got me scratching my head. Just went out and overode IBR bucket and reinspected wear ring/impeller all look perfect. Definitely has me thinking if there is any possibility that the key was programmed wrong or ecu controlled break in but doesn’t appear non supercharged models have that.
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