2012 GTX 260 Limited

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GM, I am a potential new buyer and have been eyeing a 2012 GTX 260is. I spoke to the seller and he is asking $8500 with 35hrs. He has stated that the SC has not been rebuilt yet. NADA has PWC at average retail of between 7800-8300 but those are those dealer numbers or is the seller in the ball park? I have only seen pics and I am not familiar with the SC rebuild but have seen the mainantance interval period which reads 100hrs or 2yrs. I have also read that it has been increased to 200hrs.

1. Is this a fair price?
2. Can I get by this season without having SC rebuilt because of low hrs or would you be concerned?

Thanks, Chris
200 hours are on new kits. Not original 2012 kit. Right now those bearings are 8 years old. I would rebuild. Consider as well this is more expensive to do on an IS ski because of extra labor to remove the top. Personally to me the price is high but for some reason this year people think their skis are worth their weight in gold. Low hour skis can also develop problems from not being used. Gaskets dry up and get brittle with long times of not being heated etc...
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