2010 RXT 215 Engine rebuild

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So i've been dismantling a 2010 RXR 215 I got for cheap and am going to rebuild the engine. I took the engine out and cracked it open and first sign was water in the crank. Once I actually got everything out the engine was a mess. Who knows how long water has been in there but it has basically ruined everything. Looks like it was due to a piston failure and a thrown rod taking out the bottom of the crank case. My valves are still in good condition though. Other then the water in the crank it looked like this was a fairly new SBT engine that had been put in the ski before it died.

I need to get a parts list together and basically have a few questions, I am doing a somewhat of a budget rebuild so trying to use a mix of used a new parts if possible.

1. I need a new crank shaft and counter balance shaft. Would Used be fine for this?
2. I'm looking at getting an empty bottom end from a 2006 GTX 185 Supercharged Ski will this work?
3. I'm replacing all 3 pistons is it okay to reuse the 2 good connecting rods?

Thanks in advanced!
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