2010 gti se130 will not start.


55 hrs on ski per gauge. Bought ski that client thought engine was locked up. Found Jet pump seized replaced Jet pump engine cranked over fine but did not start. Fuel tank was empty put 10 gallons of fuel in tank . Crank but did not start. Jet ski sat overnight now it will not even get a beep.

30 amp fuses are good coming from stater relay cable connection. Cleaned all the grounds on the block and main ground wire connection. Zero nothing not even a beep or anything. Tried other ECU from working 2006 GTX same result. Try different battery jumped start a relay engine spins over without a problem. Any help would be great,
Yes, that's new and I used a known good one also. Same thing no start. I probed the 30A relay with a test light on one its blades in connector to the small fuse panel and it clicked and engaged, and the ski started. Then as soon as I pull the dess key its dead until I probe the 30A relays connector with test light. Super Strang ECU?