2010 Challenger SE 510hp Port Engine Fuse Blows

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New to this forum. My port engine cuts out due to the 5A fuse in the port side engine compartment blowing. Happens when in shallow water running at high rpm's. I am told that this is a safety feature from seadoo to protect the engine when its senses not enough water is available (but I am in at least 2 feet to water). I am told the fuse blows when the suction of the intake senses not enough water creating a high vacuum thus blowing the fuse. Also happens when seaweed gets stuck in the intake. Any word of wisdom here? Is this normal. Have a 2010 Challenger SE 510hp and carrying many 5A fuses to that I do not get stuck running on one engine.
Running high RPMs in only 2 feet of water in a 23 foot boat? Sounds to me like it's probably a good thing that it's blowing, there's no telling how much debris it's picking up because if the water's 2 feet then the bottom of the boat is only 12"-18"s or so.

Kane S.
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