2010 Challenger 210 430hp Running Issues

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I am having an issue with my port motor on my challenger 210. This is the first time I have had it on the water and bought it as a bit of a project so I assumed I would have a few issues to sort out. Both motors fire up fine and rev fine on the trailer with water attached. When put in the water both engines fire up and idle fine but when I go to take off, the port side motor cuts in and out (continues to run). It seems to idle fine but will sometimes take off just fine with the other motor but every few seconds it will drop rpms and then take back off again and repeat. I am getting intermittent P1106 and P0106 codes but they seem to come on and cut themselves off. The motor is just constantly cutting in and out, but when it is in it seems to run just as strong as the other motor.

Thanks for the help
P0106 is MAP senor. And I think P1106 is MAP sensor to ECU fault. Air leaks? Corrosion in the connectors? Bad MAP sensor? Luckily you have a second set of parts to use. Swap parts from the good engine.
Yea I can swap the MAP sensor from one to the other and see if the issue follows it. From what I have been reading the MAP sensors really don't go bad it is normally something else that causes that code to throw. Does anyone think this seems like the TB issue that others have spoken of? I don't have a rough idle and running well over 3500 like others have posted that are normally related to the TB issue.
After reading does this sound like a leaking intercooler to anyone? I have seen the videos on how to pull the intercooler hose and see if its spraying water but does this apply to the motors with the internal intercooler as well?

I replaced the plugs in the engine that was giving me issues and sprayed the MAP sensor down with some cleaner and it seems to have fixed the issue of cutting in and out. After running for a while though I did throw some TB codes on the other engine so I will tackle that next.

Thanks for the help.
One great thing about twin engines is the ability to swap components between port and starboard engines. You can swap lines at the fuel pumps, spark plugs, fuel injectors, and ignition coils very easily.
I went ahead and replaced both TB assemblies from Rock auto and it seems to have fixed the TB codes that I was getting. As of now all seems to be running well.
Sort of, I don't have the numbers off hand but with the TB assembly from rock auto (from an early 2000's audi I believe) with the gasket that goes with the new TB and new bolts, everything is good to go. If you do a search you can find them but if you can't just reach back out and I will pull the numbers for the TB, gasket, and bolts. You will also need a Candoo to reset the TPS. It seems to be running good as new with no codes after replacement and saved $100's
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