2005 Sporster LE...Parts?... Videos?...Help...

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Bought a 2005 Sea-Doo Sportster LE

Speedometer is shot, biggest thing everyone says is to replace the paddle wheel... Thing is my paddle wheel is smooth like a normal wheel.. I don't see indications of what I see on the internet of little paddles around the wheel.

Also has anyone put digital readouts for Gas, RPMs and Speedometer.. if so where do you get them from?

Thank you!!!
I have a similar issue with both Tach and Speedo gauges not working. Can you point me to a link to the aftermarket gauge? Thanks.
Google gps speedometer 52mm or 2" .... (I think they are 2")
I'm speedometer-less so haven't bought one myself so can't recommend any particular brand
Interesting idea. I hadn't thought of that. Seems like a great option instead of forking out about $350 on a speedo. Thank you.
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