2005 Seadoo Challenger 180 will not accelerate beyond 10mph

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I have owned my 2005 Challenger 180 boat for 4 years - put her back into the water this weekend and upon initial acceleration beyond ~10mph (basically outside the no wake zone), the engine revved well into the top end of the rpms but absolutely no acceleration. Was a decent amount of vibration as well at the same time. We have the boat in a fairly shallow (avg 15-20') fresh water pond and have certainly been no stranger to weeds/sticks being sucked into the impeller, but have never experienced what just happened. From similar posts on this forum it sounds like best case it is debris in the impeller and worst case some pump related? I have minimal boat engine knowledge, but wondering if someone here can instruct on how to troubleshoot the issue before pulling it out and bringing it in for service.
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Usually, I go under the boat and shine a very strong flashlight into the grate,,,you may be able to see the problem,,,You may a rope, hunk of wood, or rock in there,,,Otherwise, just pull the pump, and the truth will set you free.
Ended up finding a bunch of large rocks in the impeller and thought I was good to go, but got it back on the water and the boat is still underpowered and will not accelerate beyond 15-20 mph without pinning the tacometer! Could it be a bad seal or pump?
If you pulled up large rocks into the impeller I would say you tore up the wear ring. did the impeller have any damage?