2005 rxp -- check engine light is on -- need help !

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Hey Guys,

I have an 05 RXP, I was out yesterday. My nephew was riding it and came back in and said the check engine light was on.

I checked the oil and coolant and they were good. The oil was over the dipstick level but I thought it was cause it was hot. I didn't check it cool yet.

It's says MAINT. as in maintenance I guess. I searched the web last night and it said to hit the set button 5 times to get the code. I did that and all it says is END after the 5th time.

I only rode it back to shore after the light came on,I didn't wanna damage anything.

Anyone have any ideas ? I'd appreciate any help.

Philly Guy
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The oil level should be at the middle of the check marks for best performance. If the oil level is above the oil is too high. You should check it when it is warn, not cold. "MAINT" means it might need a scheduled maintenance, based on the hours use. I believe on that model, if you hold the mode and set buttons it should shut off. If not, you might need to bring it to a dealer to check it on the computer.

How many hours on the RXP? How many hours since your last service?
I ask because you should get an maint warning every 100 hours. So say you got your 10 hour service and haven't had it dealer serviced since, you would get a warning at 110 hours. If you got the 10 hour service but then had it dealer winterized (oil change included) at say 30 hours, you would instead get this warning at 130 hours. Make sense?

The ski has 85 hours. I purchased it with 25. I never had it in for service except to get winterized and to get it ready for summer.

Any idea how to reset or determine the code ? I'm trying to avoid the dealer if I can help it.

If it's got a code, it has to go the the seadoo dealer to put it in the BUDS,( Bombardier Utility Diagnostic System). Only a Seadoo Dealer will have the software to check for codes and erase them after it is repaired.

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