2004 Sea Doo GTX 4TEC Supercharged infrequent starting issues!

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I'm new to the forum and I have searched everywhere for a similar problem but just can't seem to find the answers I'm looking for. I have a 2004 GTX 4 Tec Supercharged that recently started doing this. I could start the ski just fine, remove it from the floating dock and 5 minutes later it will not start (turns over though). It did this a few times until I read that it could be the wire going to the ground block, battery would also discharge within hours. I completely replaced the wire, battery and solenoid to wipe out a few issues that I read that could be the cause. Just yesterday I started it and ran it to the marina to get gas without any issues. I turned off the engine filled the tank and tried to start, the engine would turn over but would not turn on. I could see that my problem wasn't really fixed. I pulled it out of the water, charged the "new battery" as I had weakened it by trying to start it over and over. Checked my connections all were tight and no corrosion, and tried again to start it. After about two tries it started, almost seems like it's not getting gas? I'm a little nervous to run it any distance and find out after turning the engine off that I'm stranded. What would cause this? Their is spark each time, as I found out the hard way by holding the plug at the time of starting.

I thought maybe fuel filter possibly, but why so infrequent?

Any help on this or direction to a thread of something similar would be greatly appreciated!


Im having the exact same problem. I dont think its a fuel issue because I ran the ski for about 50 miles with three people and had no power issues. I have replaced the fuel pump and filter with no noticeable remedy. When I did take a break from my 50 mile ride, it would not restart. I tapped on my T.O.P.S and ground wire connection. It started after messing around with it for a while. I have also found if you are really in a bad situation you can rock your seadoo side to side or use waves to start it easier.
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