2003 gti top speed

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Just took out my new 03 gti. On the GPS it hit 40mph. My daughter riding my 96 gti can pull away from me. Is that about right for the 03gti speed. I got about 44mph on GPS on 96.
I have seen some strange stuff with these skis for sure concerning speed numbers. I"m a GPS guy... gotta prove it. LOL I think you'll see different speeds for different skis even the same year and model. I did a 2004 GTI and I think it only went 45mph. I asked the same question you asked and everyone pretty much agreed that was about all you get out of that model. I just did a 2004 GTI that surprised me and dang near kept up with the 2003 RFI GTI. I did not check with a GPS and perhaps the speedos are both generous. RFI indicated 52 and the 717 carb version indicated 50mph (for myself I don't think those were good GPS speeds). I have not been around many 3-seater 787 engined two strokes skis that hit 50mph on the GPS. I'm not saying their are not some that do. I'll say I have one 787 RFI that hit 50mph on the GPS. That one too is outside. My wife's carb 787 GTX may hit 49mph on the GPS. Mine 787 GTX only does 48 or 47 consistently.

I have ridden with and ridden the 1996 GTI and have one outside. That ski almost keeps up with skis that run 48mph on the GPS. That said... you are probably in the appropriate range as far as MPH goes.
Correct, the 03 is not only heavier but has a much larger hull and water contact are so it is going to be slower all around that the 96'. Top speed should be about 43 so you might want to check your impeller and wear ring for any damage.
I'd like to put the GPS on the 2004 I just finished but alas.... too late. LOL
Well replaced wear ring, which wasn't bad and proper up the opas in the upright position and gained 4mph. Now top GPS speed is 44-45mph. Plus handles much better with the opas trick.
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