2001 Seadoo Challenger 1800 240 EFI Oil Pump bypass Instructions

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Can someone point me to a good thread that provides the procedure to bypass the oil pump?

I have a 2001 Challenger 1800 240 EFI that has sat for 10 years and I am working on getting it back in the water.

I want to do the oil pump bypass to be safe.

Also what is the best spark plug for this boat? I heard the recommended plug has changed.

Thank You
There is a sticky about removing a Mercury oil pump. It's really not that hard though.

1) remove the pump.

2) Remove the bushing and drive shaft behind the pump.

3) Put the pump back on.

4) Put in mixed fuel, and enjoy the smoke. (but we understand, since the drive will eventually fail)

If you want to remove, and plug off more of the system, that's up to you.

As far as the spark plugs go.... No, the spec hasn't changed for that engine. Use an NKG PBZ8HS10.

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