2001 GTX DI exhaust hose melt down v- water box rave valve?

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Last year my exhaust overheated and melted the rubber transition hose (between the exhaust manifold and water box). I have replaced the high temp exhaust hose (about 4 inches long) that melted off; however I need to make sure I fix the problem that caused the overheatng of this area. I took the water box rave value appart (was told to check this first) and didnt notice any issues. What should I do next to confirm I will not melt down again. Is it possible I just sucked up some debris that has cleared and I am good to go. When I run it I see water coming out the jet and two other places at the rear of the ski (upper deck stream and right side rear stream).

Also in addition to the hose mentioned above that was replaced I have another hose 3/8 inch or so that is t-ed off the hose that goes to fuel vent system solenoid that runs down to under the engine (it was melted off). I have ordered a replacement hose but can't see the other end. Please tell me I dont have to pull the engine or manifold to find the connection point; any help/advise you can provide is appreciated.
The reason the hose melted was because it got hot. (OK, I know that is obvious) The reason it go hot is becasue water flow was cut off. So, checking the water regulator was the first place to check. If it's working... then you need to remove the fitting on the pipe. Inside of it has a small orifice. Somewhere in the hose... or at that orifice, the water system is plugged up. Sicne the feed for the regulator is on the main cooling hose... yes, you could have gotten some debris in it... but since there is a restriction at the fitting... NO it would have not cleared it self. Also, this hose's exit is in the exhaust... so it will not change the water coming out the pee hole in the rear of the ski.

As far as the other melted hose... I'm not sure what one you are talking about. If it's the belly cooling cap... then it will be a bear to get off without removing the engine. BUT... if that's the hose... you need to disassemble the entire cooling system, and clean it out before you kill a good engine.
Ok with respect to the overheat issue; you state to remove the fitting on the pipe; I assume you mean where the small hose coming off the rave valve goest to the upper portion of the manifold and has a small fitting that makes a 90 degree angle into the manifold, correct? That looks easy to get off. I believe someone else recommended pulling the manifold and looking inside where the water is supposed to exit (said it could corrode here and you can drill it out wiht an 1/8 inch bit); that looks like a bit of work. I am tryign to see how the heck to test it to confirm all is well before pulling major parts or the engine. Should I run the ski on th hose and keep checking the exhaust temp with my hand?

Regarding the small hose that melted off; if you look in the fuel air intake system graphic is the part on page 8-03-4 that is t-ed right before the solenoid. The picture doesnt show where it goes to attach the other end. I am hoping I can use a small mirror or somethign to see under the ski and get is reattached.
Ok I took off the small fitting on the top of the manifold and didnt see anything unusual. Should I try to blow compressed air in the hole to see if it is flowing? Also there is a larger water hose that also goes to the top of the manifold, but it isnt coming from the rave valve; should I do the same thing with it, remove the fitting and if I dont see anything blow compressed air in it? thanks for your help.
Yes... you should check everything for a plug, but the small hose from the water regulator is the only water going into the pipe to cool it. Check everything from the fitting at the manifold, back for a restriction. The larger hose just fills the water jacket, and exits external of the exhaust. (out the pee-holes, and the rear of the hull)

Checking on the other.......


From what I can tell... it's just a vent/moisture purge. It's open on the end where the little check valve is.
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