2000 XPL won't start

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Hey guys, new to these forums and figured this is the perfect place to get some insight.

So I have a 2000 XPL and when I went to start it up this year I could not get it to turn over, it's cranking strong but it won't catch. I removed the spark plugs and cranked it and it looked like one of the valves wasn't catching fuel, it wasn't spitting. I sprayed some starting fluid in there and cranked it and it caught for a second but died.

So I removed the carb and cleaned the fuel filters - which didn't look to bad and slapped it back on hoping that was the problem but not to my surprise, no luck. So now I'm kinda in a funk and don't really have a good idea what the problem is. It cranks strong but just will not catch.

Any ideas? Thanks guys!
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