2000 seadoo GTX won't start


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Hello everyone I have a 2000 seadoo GTX that won't start. Last summer I let a friend borrow, long story short he flipped it and water got in as soon as he returned it I took the plugs off and cranked it so water can shoot out after put the plugs back in, it started right up. Now this year I tried starting it up and it won't seems like its locked. I took out my starter and benched test it and spins fine. I took off my jet pump housing and tried rotating the shaft by hand and it won't( spark plugs were off) . Is my engine hydro locked? Any help from some experts would be appreciated thanks.
So it would need a rebuild?
Sorry, your going to have to wait for someone to reply with more experience, I have a 98 Challenger I purchased last fall, the one engine was seized, I put some digging oil and 2 stroke oil in the plug holes last fall and again this spring, just for kicks, I hit the start button for that engine and it turned over. I haven’t taken that engine apart yet so I don’t have the experience to tell you if it will need to be rebuilt or not, but it definitely would not hurt anything to pour 2 or 3 tablespoons of oil into the plug holes in the hopes it frees up.
If you have a borescope you can poke it down in there and look or IMO its rather easy to take the head off and do a quick inspection (will need a new gasket though). Sometimes you can rent the borescope at a auto parts store.
951 uses a gasket instead of o-rings like on the 787 and smaller engines so it is much more difficult to get a good seal if you are just going to "pop the head" and have a look around.
Did you trying turning the shaft with starter out, weak starter sometimes gets locked on flywheel, don't forget to fog cylinder heavy