2000 seadoo gti

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hi guys i have leak problem from drive shaft, yesterday my seadoo get some water inside, took out water drained, today i am tried to started, it crank then died after 3 or 5 seconds, seem to me is electrical problems, any help please, thanks:(
Hi and welcome.
Where are you in the USA, it's large country?

1.Do you mean that it quit while you were cranking it?

2.Do any gauges work if you press the start button w/o attaching the lanyard?

3.Does it beep when it's attached?
thanks man, my seadoo get water inside haul, ran for cuople min. with water inside haul, i will say that magneto was in contact with water for couple times, engine quite working, today crank almost run, then cut off like some kind electrical problem, 2000 gti single carb.
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