2000 GTX starter bearing

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I have a 2000 RX ME (951) with a bad starter. I've been reading posts on getting good starter rebuild kits vs. buying a cheap complete starter. Ok, so I ordered a couple CALTRIC kits, one for this machine and one as a spare for my other machine (2000 GTX ME), and neither kits have the correct size 'drawn cup' needle roller bearing (ID) that fits the shaft of the armature. The 'bendix' end of the starter has the roller bearing, the 'backend' has a bronze bushing. The kits came with SKF brand HK1312 (13x19x12) bearings for a 13mm diameter shaft, but my starter has a 13.48mm diameter shaft. I'm guessing a 13.5mm diameter bearing would fit...happens to be a KOYO BTM141912A part number but I'm told they only sell to OEMs.

Anyone else run into this issue? Is there a specific kit for this type of starter? Doesn't appear to be OEM starter as the paint doesn't match, etc.

Thanks for the help.
I don’t think most of the aftermarket starters would use the Koyo bearings, but I could be mistaken on that. The quickest solution may be to take it up to a local industrial bearing distributor and see if they can match it up. Is there a Purvis industries or something similar local to you?
Not sure what the old bearing was, as it was destroyed and fell out in parts...also doubtful it was Koyo. No Purvis here, but we have similar industrial supply houses. They were the ones that were able to track down the matching dimensions from Koyo and said they wouldn't sell to 'private' parties. I'm tempted to have a machine shop turn the armature shaft down and grind it to 13mm. Not sure what a quality new starter costs, so I'm unsure if doinking around with this one anymore is worth it. The videos I watch show the bearing simply sliding on the shaft (no press), so I'm deducing I have the right kit, just a abnormal armature. The rest of the rebuild kit appears to fit.
A new OEM starter is just under $250 shipped, but you can also get good used ones from Nick or Jess at Westside Powersports... That might be your best bet!
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