1999 Seadoo speedster twin engine two-stroke jet boat

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Hi advice needed

I have put these gasket sets in the carburettors

I purchased for carburettor recondition kits a couple of months ago, can you please tell me if these are okay I have contacted the company I bought these from and he has replied with this email below,

On 18/03/2020, at 9:51 AM, Sean Leonard <seanl@sbt.com> wrote:

Hi John,

Years ago there were some fitment problems with the gaskets included in carb kits for Mikuni carbs, but those have been corrected, there is no problem with using SBT carb kits anymore. We sell a lot of these kits and we don’t have any complaints in the last few years about them. We have also built numerous carbs here, and there have been no problems with out test engines.

The rubber is not the same quality and the diaphragms are not the correct stiffness.
You can run them if you want but you will be back with carb issues and have the buy the Mikuni ones anyways.
This is why we say over and over and over only Genuine Mikuni.
You can save some money by only buying what you need since not all the parts in the kits are used from Westside Powersports Seadoo or OSD Seadoo.
Keep in mind the kits also din't include needle and seats or carb base gaskets which you will also need.
Should be ok. I really don't like their gasket sets, carb kits or starters. Their pistons and cranks appear to be ok.
I tried an SBT needle and seat in a carb once. It wouldn't seal or pop off reliably. They replaced it 4 times and they all did it. I gave up. Genuine Mikuni from then on.

That being said, I have an SBT engine that seems to be top notch.
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