1998 Sea Doo Sportster 1800 Twin Drive Shaft Replacement

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I recently replaced PTO couplers and drive shafts on both engines and one of the shafts stripped during my second time on the water. I feel the other shaft isn't far behind. Alignment is good and the shafts/couplers were greased on installment. The replaced couplers are from WSM and the replaced shafts are from SBT. I purchased everything through OSDMarine. Before buying another replacement shaft, I want to try and figure out why it was stripped so quickly.

After some research, I found that WSM sells both a 16 7/8" shaft and a 17" shaft, while most other stores only sell a 17" shaft. I'm wondering if WSM's couplers could be a little longer than normal and that's the reason for them selling the 16 7/8" shaft. I called them and they said either length would work with their coupler, but that doesn't seem right.

Any thoughts on what shaft to buy? I'm thinking I should go with the WSM 16 7/8" to go with their coupler. Or any other ideas on what could have caused the replacement shaft to strip so quick?
what was the reason for replacing your drive shafts to begin with? this does not seem like a very common problem. how did you align your motors?
The person who owned the boat last never greased the shafts, so I'm thinking that was the issue. I have a feeling that extra 1/8" could be the culprit. The new one comes in today, so we'll see if that works. I also talked with WSM again and they said the 16 7/8" drive shaft is the one recommended for the Sportster.
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