1998 gsx problem

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Hi guys, I have just brought a 1998 gsx ski, it has a rebuilt motor and carbs with less then two hours on both and has been sitting for about 6 months before I got it. Went out for a run and sounds like it has a engine miss at idle and it will only go with full throttle, as soon as I back off just a little bit it bogs down and some times stalls any other throttle position results in it stalling. Have replaced spark plugs but no change, have just drained the fuel tank but yet to refill and check again. Also noticed the low voltage alarm come on a couple of times but not sure if it is related. Hoping it’s just fuel but maybe someone has had a similar problem and can steer me in the right direction with getting it sorted. Thanks
You need to verify the carbs and fuel system on these are perfect or you will ruin the engine.
12V low could be the battery or voltage regulator going out.
Pull the carbs off and check them over before you run it any more.

I just changed my low speed jets on my machine over the weekend. I was meticulous in having a clean work area and carbs but when I was testing, in the water on the trailer, I dropped a cylinder at idle after 30 seconds of running. It was running the same way you are describing your machine. I got lucky the spec got pulled through after giving it a quick shot of throttle, If it did not clear up on the one shot of throttle I was going to pull both carbs down. It only takes the smallest piece of dirt, paint chip or whatever to completely burn a piston on a machine.
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