1997 Seadoo GTS: Any concerns?

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Went today to pick up the new tank for my 1995 Seadoo SP and the owner of the dealership asked if I or anybody I knew was interested in a 1997 Seadoo GTS. Recent trade in from a guy who had it 20ish years, said he couldn't remember if he was the 1st or 2nd owner.
Went out and looked at it and it appeared to be in good shape, although it looks dated. No oil under the ski or anything like that, hull looked to be in good shape. He told me a price I couldn't resist but I told him I'd get back with him Tuesday morning and give him an answer if he still has it then.

Got a few questions.
1. Any issues with this particular model?
2. Top speed?
3. How's it handle compared to a 95 SP?

Any other input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Super reliable, old original 3 seat hull design, top speed probably 40ish.
Nothing special but reliable and basic fun. Hull design is pretty rough in chop and wet, slides out pretty easy. It was the cheapest base model 3 seater that Seadoo made but was basically unchanged from 1990-2000 true workhorse.
Not a huge fan of the hull design, but he's only wanting $500 cash for the ski. Tempted to pick it up, ride it this summer and sell it in July/August as skis in that shape in my area routinely bring $1000-1500 for just the ski. We will see what happens.
It was my first ski and I agree it was bullet proof. Perfect for me at the time as my boys were just getting to learn to ride. You cannot flip it over that is for sure.
I just bought one at the end of April myself. Pictured in my avatar above. Couldn't be more than happy. Engine was like brand new. Super clean oil and gas tanks looked brand new without any stains. Has 150 and 148 psi on cylinders. Sounds great when idling. Trip out I paid the same as the one you are looking at buying got it for $500 when all said and done on a double trailer. It had a 97 GTI yellow and white next to it. Sold it to a Marine shop for for 500$. Went to get it serviced mechanic said engine was seized. Got rid of the head ache. Glad I picked up the package for like a $1000 and got half my money back quick for blown engine ski. Wasn't to upset just put my Honda Aquatrax R12 next to the GTS. Have fun if you buy it. Don't forget to ask what kind of oil was used if the seller has that info also. So you can run the exact same kind that always helps..Joe Go
Not a big fan of that hull design, and don't know why Seadoo kept it for the GTS when every other model had changed over to the "dolphin" style hull. That being said, if well maintained, it's a very reliable ski. Not a speed demon, but still fun to ride.

I'm surprised that they took it in on trade. Most powersport dealers here won't trade or work on an older 2 stroke ski. Betting you could get it for less than $500, but I'd do a compression test before purchasing.
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Thanks guys for the info - I passed on it.

The owner of that dealership is awesome, only dealer in DFW that I contacted that was willing to work with me on a recall for my 1995 SP.
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