1997 GTX Bogging Issue

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I have a 1997 Sea Doo GTX. No modifications have been made to the ski.

Here is the issue: The ski will start right up with no problem and it will idle without incident. When you give it full throttle, however, it will bog right down and make a low distorted rumble. If I let the ski idle for 10-15 minutes and then give it full throttle it will run fine. I ran it this way all last summer. It doesn't really bother me all that much as it always runs fine after 10-15 minutes. It drives the kids nuts though as they have to wait around and idle while their friends are ripping up the lake.

I have replaced the rectifier.
I have replaced the plugs.
I have checked the impeller, no clogs.

I am rebuilding the carbs (genuine mikuni) and replacing all of the fuel and oil lines this weekend. I am hoping that is it.

Based on my description, can anyone think of something that I may want to look at while I have it open and taken apart? Anyone deal with this issue in the past? - starts fine, idles fine, bogs on full throttle but will work fine if you just give it 10-15 minutes of warm up. Any pointers?

Thanks in advance.
You're on the right track doing the carbs, lines and so forth. I'd do a compression check to give you a health indicator of the engine. It's also not a bad idea to pressure test the carbs and verify the needle/seat pop off psi before put them back on.
While you are in there getting dirty....might as well pull the RAVE valves and blades and give them a look see....very easy. They usually are very dirty, gummy with carbon buildup. Carb cleaner or soaking them in a ziploc bag of ammonia overnight should loosen most of the gunk, then a little scrubbing should clean them up nicely. Make sure the rubber bellows are not ripped/degraded and connected at top and bottom. You will need new gaskets (+/- $15.00 bucks) for re-assembly. Check the O-rings too.

PS: YES....my '96 GTX ski bogged terribly......CARB service all the way through took care of that issue...follow the CARB REBUILD sticky POST at the top of the forum....absolutely do the testing (pop-off pressure, etc). NO shortcuts....it'll come back to bite you in the butt later if you skip stuff....do it right.
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