1997 Challenger 1800


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I’ve got a 97 Challenger 1800 that I’ve been working on a couple years. Both top ends rebuilt last year and have good compression. 1 new starter last year. Replaced MPEM with 2 MSD Ignition modules last year. Rebuilt carbs... but used cheap kits and I believe this may be my problem. Runs but hogs down and stalls at high RpMs.

anyway... selling boat or parting out. Any interest in specific parts? I plan to take it to a local boatyard in the next few days if there is no interest.


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I have this exact same issue but I bought brand new carbs. Rebuilt rave valves. Both top ends rebuilt. Low speed runs good but misfires. after 3k rpm it’s like constant miss fire and plugs show rich running. I’m going to look into ignition timing and rotary timing this week. I would suggest u start there.