1996 Speedster parting out

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I have a 96 Speedster that I am parting out.

Currently both engines and the MPEM are gone. Also, the port jet pump/impeller are gone. Just about everything else is there. Make an offer on any parts you'd like.

Photo Jan 16, 1 59 23 PM.jpgPhoto Jan 16, 2 11 21 PM.jpgPhoto Jan 16, 2 10 56 PM.jpgPhoto Jan 16, 2 11 14 PM.jpgPhoto Jan 16, 2 10 53 PM.jpg
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I need throttle cables if they are good
I need oil tank float assembly-I bought a new tank already but need the float and what ever else gos on it
I need center steering wheel emblem
I need the latch assembly for the door in the floor mine is broken the door is good just need latch

my zip is 65281 thankyou