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So brand new to jetskis. Have turned a wrench a few times on cars but wanted to give it a go. I picked up a 1996 Seadoo gtx. Was told it just needs a new solenoid as he jumped the solenoid and it ran. After putting a new one in it turned over and over but couldn’t get it to start then sparks came from the negative terminal and now nothing. It sounds like there is supposed to be a second ground coming off of the battery however there isn’t one and on some further research it looks like a 1997 rear electric box was swapped in. Any advice on how or where to start trouble shooting?
I have a 1996 and a 1997 GTX. I have spent much time going through these skis especially the electronics. Buy a spark checker from Auto Zone and connect it into the spark plug wires. This way, you'll easily know you have spark. I know nothing is working right now but you'll need this tool. (read more below the picture)

Spark Plug Checker.jpg

I would check the wire coming from the rear electrical box (the ground) and make sure it is in good condition and a good connection to the battery. Check the fuses in the rear box. Open the front electrical box and check the fuses there. Some pictures of your front box would help determine if you have the 1997 or the 1996 MPEM. Also.... Something may have happened with the starter.

Important, is your beeper giving you 2 chirps when inserting the key. Good Luck.
No I do not get the two chirps when I insert the key. Here is the front and rear electric box. I do not see a ground coming from the rear, and I have no idea what year or model this rear electric box came off but the where and how it was mounted I am guessing it was a donor.


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Now there is a wrinkle. That is definitely not a 1996 MPEM and the rear box isn't a 1996 or 1997. Looks like what I've seen on the GTIs. These pictures are of a GTI rear Electric box and the holder relay in the cover with a fuse. If this relay doesn't click when you insert the ket... the ski isn't going to do anything. NOT that this is your problem but trying to identify what yo have. Are you sure your ski is a 1996 GTX ?? Take a picture of the engine compartment.

GTI Electric (3).jpegGTI Electric (1).jpegGTI Electric (2).jpeg
Title says it is a 96 gtx. The cover for the rear electric box doesn’t have that relay and fuse on it. And I really appreciate the help.


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First off forget everything I told you and check all the fuses in the black box up front. :) That's an RFI. be gentle unplugging the connectors the snap-locks will break off. There could be an issue with your starter but check the fuses first. Good Luck.
That’s a 1996-1997 hull that originally came with a carbed 787 but looks like someone transplanted a 787 RFI so good luck. Could be a wiring nightmare.
Title says it is a 96 gtx. The cover for the rear electric box doesn’t have that relay and fuse on it. And I really appreciate the help.

Dang, what a shaft deal, the guy sells you a 96' GTX and doesn't give you any background that it had a RFI 787 put in it? I have a 97' GTX which is pretty much like the 96', you only have the hull as a 96' GTX.

I'm not sure where I'd start on this one. Maybe test your beeper, you need a good one to identify when you get two beeps. If you don't get two beeps it's not going to start, jumping the solenoid won't do anything, the DESS enables the MPEM to get it to start. Test the DESS post, look in the SM for the procedure.

You could send the MPEM and the lanyard to westsidepowersports.com, ask for Nick, he'll do a quick turn around and test it.
Appreciate it, going to try and get to it this week checking the fuses and testing the beeper. Yeah I found out real quick it was going to be a nightmare as doing all the research on it nothing was matching what I had going on under there. I will let you know how it goes and if I have any luck with it.
Don't feel like the Long Ranger. I just finished putting a 2004 GTI RFI together. I was told it only needed the engine so... I did everything as usual and when I install the battery I get..... NOTHING. :) I mean.... NOTHING. LOL Lucky for me I have another MPEM and Computer in the parts pile. I'm still looking for that one dumb thing I need to do to make it all light up. :) It happens. Ha ha.
So I know it took awhile but finally got around to it. Switched the beeper a bad fuse and carb clean and at last she is running. So of course now there are other issues. When I put it in the water it bogs down and dies every few seconds, starts back up fine can get some rips out of it then dies. Took the seat off and a lot of exhaust in the hull. Can exhaust leak alone cause it to sputter and die like that or am I looking at something bigger? Compression is good.
Absolutely it can, you are starving the engine of oxygen so no combustion.
Find that exhaust leak and fix it.
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