1996 Challenger bow light

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The originals are all brittle and I would like to replace with a new model for my 1996 Seadoo Challenger jet boat.

This would be #27 on the Electrical Accessories tab and P/N 278000604.

I am thinking Attwood sells something same profile/dimensions.

Helping out here and most likely answered my own question but this is here to hopefully help someone some day.

Old Seadoo bow light is 3.5" long and 2.25" Wide. Wiring is 1.75" from the front of the original light. Two screws that hold this down are 2.125" apart. The light pocket width for this boat is a little over 2.5". These original models ran something called a "festoon bulb."

ATTWOOD has a number of lights to accomplish this. But the Attwood Stainless Navigation Light (3810-7) may do the trick. Also known as the Marine 2 mile. This although is about 50.00. Bolt pattern is also 2.00". This run a 10 watt bayonet lamp.

There is also the Attwood Quasar that would work. It is a little bit narrower so you need to really clean the pocket before install. This also runs a 8 watt "festoon bulb."

Funny is it looks like Walmarts carries many of these or can have them in.

Good luck.
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