1995 speedster wear ring ring not seated

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i bought a 95 seadoo speedster a month ago,, took it in the water once for couple hours,, starbpard engine died and hobbled back on one engine,, had carbs rebuilt by hopefully experienced mechanic (not alot pwc mechanics in my area).
went out today sunday and boat wouldnt gain any speed. also starboard water pump inspection pee hole would only stream water at full throttle,, engine overheated by the time i got back,,
got it home, cleaned small amount of debris from intake grate... flushed and saw water coming from pee hole finally..
QUESTION IS.. when i was inspecting the jets i noticed the port jet assembly is different then the starboard.. looks like a replacement.. port jet assmbly is plastic while the starbpard side is metal.. also notice port side looked alittle longer, maybee, maybee not, didnt measure
but the WEAR RING in the port side seems to have moved back towards the hull.. there is probably 1/2 inch gap between the wear ring and the jet assembly.. the starboard side the wearing is booted up nice and tight.. how is it possible this moved?
more info,, when i bought the boat the port driveshaft seal and thru hull i had to replace myself.. i didnt have any left over parts and i even bought a new foam seal from local parts dealer,, whats up with the wear ring, any suggestions?
sorry for all the extra info but i have a feeling ill be asking alot of questions as i work on this boat myself.. i am an experienced auto/truck mechanic but def newbie jet boat mechanic,, i do have the downloaded shop manual and operators manual..
i am going to try and operate the boat again in the orning now that i have the cooling system clean and hopefully the little bit of debris in the grate is what caused my low performance
Questions are fine.

If you are getting cavitation on the port side... then you will have a hard time moving water into the cooling system. So... let's leave that alone for now.

The wear ring should fit nice. Please post a pic of the problem. Most likely, this will be your cavitation issue.

As far as the pumps being different... they may be. The last owner may have had damage, and just used a pump from a ski. It should be fine.
ok, going to get pics tonite before i disassemble,, i friend gave me another jet pump assembly that looks more like my starboard side.. he also mentioned if the other jet pump doesnt work then we can put a screw? or something in the wear ring to hold it,, he said that the plastic housings and wear rings have a tendancy to spin.
has anyone heard of a SPACER that is put in place between wear ring and hull?
the jet housing is thicker where u bolt it onto the hull and the studs barely come thru, thus u cant even use washers, just the nuts to hold it on,,
the used housing he gave me tonite isnt thick like that in the area where it bolts to the hull,, hope it fits,,
pics tonite and thanks for the help,, im hoping to get alot of informative advice from this site
ok, heres the pics of the disassembly.. The wearing def moved back 3/4". Found the hull seat for the wearing is mostly worn out, so im going to cut the old hull insert 3/4 " to use as a shim/seat for the other pump im installing this weekend.
QUESTION.. the used pump a got friend a friend had 2 water intake tubes coming out the back and mine has one on the left.. i removed them but should i find some kind of plug to stop the water from coming thru that cooling circuit or just goop the holes and use my water intake tube. for clarification my hull has only one water intake from the left.. not 2 at top as the used jet came with, but the used jet does have the hole for my water intake tube...
ok, have tried multiple times to add images and its not allowing me to.. will try and upload to facebook and use image link
this is the gap viewed from pump nozzle looking in.. notice the space between nozzle and pump housing.. wear ring moved
notice the wear ring has moved back 3/4" compared to used jet housing i am installing. i will be cutting my wear ring at this point (3/4 inch) and using it as a spacer for the other pump and wearing i am installing.. any suggestions would be appreciated
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my impeller and wearing showing signs of wear as u can see the sun coming thru between blades and wear ring compared to used pump i was given below.
ok, update., other jet pump wouldnt work, so i pushed my wear ring back in and had a friend drill and insert 4 small screws thru the outer plastic housing into the wear ring to hold it in place. will replace the assembly soon as the pto rubber boot seal comes in. will have to use "the right stuff" sealant around the pump to prevent air being drawn in between pump and hull.
pray this works.
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