1995 seadoo xp

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hey guys, ive got a 95 seadoo xp that seems to have a bad starting solenoid. It wont crank over by the push button but if i jump the solenoid it turns over just fine. Also it wont start, there seems to be compression but i havent checked yet, brand new spark plugs, but still running old fuel lines and oil lines. Any idea where to start working on it. I dont wanna do another engine rebuild because im currently have a 94 gtx engine torn apart waiting to get put back together. Thanks in advance.
By old fuel lines are you referring to the gray OEM fuel lines?
If so, change them out now while you are troubleshooting.
First order of business, you need to do a compression test and report back. You need a basis to start with. This will tell what shape your engine is in.
If it won't start by the starter button, there is a good chance you don't have a signal to the solenoid. That means it's unlikely you have spark when it is cranking. When you put the lanyard on the post, are you getting two beeps to tell you that the computer has accepted the key?
So, seems to be a spark issue. Got a tester, and im getting nothing. Compression was 150psi so thats good. Whats next?
Not a problem, had me nervous there cause i was using a lanyard from a different ski too. Lol
Having same issue. Looking for info on wiring on my 95 xp. Think you could serene a pic of fuel and oil gauge wire locations? Mine are ripped out and not sure where they go.
In order to do what your doing you need to hold the start button down and jump the solenoid at the same time or you wont get spark.

But first replace that start solenoid because its causing you to go down the wrong path.
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