1995 sea doo xp 720cc with problems of acceleration, white smoke on exhaust

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Hi Everybody,

This is my first message on this very good forum. A lot of friends in US talked about this forum, so here I am.

My 1995 XP 720cc is not so well like always. What happened:

- 2 weeks ago I was running on the lake and after 30/40 minutes running great, the jetski turned off... I waited 3 to 5 minutes and then it could restarted with no problem, and I went to the dock...

I knew something was wrong... But the XP was accelerating fine...

Yesterday I removed the seat, and that plastic "filter" of the carburators, to check what was happening. I quickly found a loose screw, and in a few minutes I found was a cable connected to the "autolube" (I dont know if this is the correct name to it).
I could assume the jet was winthout the correct oil lubrification on that time, because this screw was disconnected.
This screw is connect directly to a riser of the carburator, so when you accelerate the jet this cable probably insert more oil in the mixture.
Am I right?

So, I connected the screw again, and started the jetskit. The result: White smoke on the exhaust and a very rich mixture.
I put it on the water, it could not run up to 3500 rpm at full throttle.

I really don't know whats happening. I'm afraid the engine was loose... But I can't hear any noise when I turn it and the pressure in the cylinder apear to be good (I will do a test tomorrow... should I find how many PSI's?).

Any Help will be truly appreciated!!

Thank You All!

Your details are a little broken... but it sounds like your oil pump cable came loose? If it did... normally the spring in the oil pump will pull it open to "Full Oil". That will cause the ski to have more oil than needed, and cause a lot of smoke.

If that's what happened, it's not a problem. Just put the cable on, and adjust it.

But... since it shut down while you were riding... there may be other issues. Once you get the compression check, let us know what you get. That engine, in perfect running order should be around 150 psi.
Hi Tony,

Thank You A Lot for you quick answer!

- Yes, I did loose the pump cable.... The strange think was the engine in that ride was running fine and it shut down 3 times... When I found the pump cable disconnected, I connected it again and when I started the engine, it never did the normal function again.... (white smoke, loose power, etc....)

- I just bought today
A pressure tester and as soon I get home at night will test the cylinder pressure! Thanks for your orientation!

One more detail: Yesterday night I removed the sparks and tried to turn the crank with hand and I did it fine, without restrictions… I think there is a hope, maybe the engine is not lost yet!

on your oil pump you can almost spin it all the way around with the cable off..so with that said when you put it back on did you turn it the right way and close it instead of open it the cable should be pu;lling DOWN from the right side
Hi Brock1, Thanks for your reply, and nice chrysler!

Actually, only the screw of the cable was disconnected! I mean, the screw that connect the cable to the throttle rod. The cable it selft was firm and ok on the oil pump...
I mean, the only problem was because the carburator was not "pulling" the cable when I was pressing the accelerator (throttle).

That´s why I´m affraid of engine break down.

Thank You,
ok that clears it up a little... so you are saying that the 10mm nut that is on the cable and secures it to the shaft fell off right ? in that case when you put it back on did you set it back to EXACTLY where it was it may be pulling the pump open all the time..JUST a thought.........thanks for the compliment though
Correct, exaclty this!! that 10mm nut!!
I tried to set it back Exactly where it was, but i did´nt know here is the point!

I believe this is the problem, IF the engine still working good!!

The pump oil for some reason is completly open!! Maybe when I pulled the cable to the limit some times (with hand) to test it?

Thank You!
yes i think your oil pump is set wrong and its open all the time..there are 2 10mm nuts one on top and one on bottom loosen the one on the bottem and see if the cable shaft moves if it does then your pump is set wrong and if will set back to normal by itself if you have the cable loosened
Hi Griz400, Thanks a lot!!! I will check soon, maybe the cable is off the middle line up!! I will post soon!! Thank You!
Hi Folks,

- I did the compression tests: 130psi on both cylinders

- I did check on both side of cable, oil pump and carburators, both sides ok.

When I press the throttle, que oil pump "throttle" moves together, correclty!

I'm just sending two pictures below:
1. The screw and lug I found disconnected (now connected)
2. the other side of the oil pump cable, seens to be good.



Please, what more else could be?

Thank You!
i cant see the adjustment on pump, its blurred, but the 2 notches have to line up, then tighten your adjustment
I think they are adjusted. I also could not find the adjutment on the oil pump side, only on the caburator side..

But if I open 10% the throttle on the carburator, seens to open the same 10% on the oil pump, and so on, and so on!

I mean, the carb and the oil pump seens to be "sincronized". Should I check for some other adjustment?
- I did not remove the carbs, so I can't see clear the oil pump yet
- It still using gray fuel lines, but i did not change it yet for don't add another variable to the problem, since the Jet was running great before the problem.

Thank You
There is no adjustment at the pump linkage, you have to adjust at the throttle linkage to get the oil pump lever lined up correctly. First, you should set the idle so that the engine runs at about 1500 rpm in the water or around 3000 out of the water. Then, adjust the linkage between the carb and oil pump so that the two notches or grooves line up. Your oil pump pic is blurry but it looks close.
Hi Strizzo,

I think it´s close, yes.

The carbs are in the exactly position of the idle, 1500 rpm water.
The problem is it does not have a good idle any more.

The Engine sounds very rich mixture. "bbbbooooooooo"..... it does not hit the limiter even out of the water....

Sounds like if the oil pump qas "full open" at all time.... even in engine idle.....
I did some tests.... engine at idle, i just pulled the oil pump cable to the limit.... stills the same noise, same white smoke, etc.....

Thank You
do you consider trying premix and see if it will work fine?maybe your pump is faulty already,considering the age of the ski.
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