1995 GTX low power/stalling

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I bought a 1995 GTX with a locked up engine a while back. Ordered a replacement engine & carb kits from SBT. I have a fair bit of mechanical experience, but this was my first experience with a jetski or a 2 stroke.

After I had it all together, it fired up quickly and seemed to run great. Took it out for a test run. It ran great on the primaries (low speed?), and once or twice the secondaries (high speed?) kicked in and again it ran great with great power. But, most of the time, under full throttle it seemed as though the secondaries wouldn't kick in - it was as if I was only giving it part throttle. Once I kept it on full throttle and it lagged along until the secondaries kicked in. Other times I kept it a full throttle and the secondaries didn't kick in at all.

That alone wasn't too big a deal. But, after about 10 minutes, the engine stopped running and I couldn't get it started again. It would turn over fine, but wouldn't start. When I got it out of the water, on the trailer, it started up again. This was about 45-60 minutes later as I had to paddle back.

I am assuming that I have a carb problem. The guy who I bought the ski from said it ran perfect before the engine locked up. The original engine was full of sand - no idea why but it was all in the bottom end. I rebuilt the carbs myself, but didn't check the popoff or really anything else. I just disassembled them, installed the kits & reassembled. I think I put them back together properly, but I certainly could have done something wrong (I have rebuilt many auto carbs before, so have some experience). I don't recall adjusting the high low screws, but I might have. Never adjusted them after firing it up and didn't follow any directions in the adjustment, if in fact they were adjusted at all. After this happened, I did drain the gas, and have not yet filled it back up. I am running pre-mix too - removed the oil injector pump.

I have read that a carb problem and burn up the engine, so I haven't run it since (over a year now). Any recommendations? I'd like to get this thing running so I can use it this summer.

Thanks very much for any assistance.

The needle settings for a 95GTX is LS 1-1/4 turn out, HS 1/4 turn out. There is no secondary on these carbs. anything above a fast idle the HS needle is functioning. You also need to check the pop off yours is 19-35.

I'm no expert on these carbs. myself, I don't do them often enough to be proficient, the next time mine need doing I'm sending them to Dr Honda.

Read the carb adj Sticky. It also tells you about the fuel selector valve. Mor likely its corroded/gummed up. and you have grey Tempo fuel lines. Those need changed, and the two small oil injection lines need changed, and oil inj inline filter changed too.
Any chance you could provide me with the location of the carb adjust sticky?

I just remembered that before the ski died, it would only rev about halfway (don't remember the RPMS) even at full throttle. Every once in a while it would kick in and go to full revs, but after a few times, it wouldn't do it anymore. Then it died. When I reference secondaries (which I know isn't applicable here) that is what I mean. When it did kick up, it felt like a car where the secondaries kicked in.

The oil injection has been disabled and I am running pre-mix.

At this point, I'm going to change the gray lines, clean out the carbs, adjust and synchronize and see if that solves my problem. New gas too. If anyone has any other suggestions, I would love to hear them.


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