1994 Seadoo GTX question


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Just purchased a 1994 Seadoo GTX (650cc) and was told about the oil injection system, would you guys recommend deleting that and switching to a premix? If I were to delete oil injection how would you suggest I plug that inlet? From what I have been told those commonly fail and can ruin your engine for obvious reasons. Other question I had was if you guys had a preference on what gas you run? Currently the lines are setup for Rec fuel but I was thinking about switching to premium and I would need to change out the lines. Cheers!
I could be wrong but since this engine has a rotary valve it requires oil injection and I don't think you can remove it.
On Sea Doos they don't fail like they can on other brands. Can they fail, yes, but not often. IMO the injection system is the best option. Just do an inspection and make sure evethything is in working order. Change out the filter and verify hoses are in good shape. Most of the time its the hoses that fail. And use the right oil! You don't have to buy Sea Doo brand but get the right type..
As far as gas, I run the non ethanol type, it has a high enough octane for the engine and doesn't gum up the hoses. A little more money per gallon but worth it.
Also, search and download the repair manual and the parts manual for your ski, they are free online. Read over them to get a good idea how things work.