1994 GTX - Rattle noise. Driveshaft trouble?

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I'm 100% new to PWC, 2 strokes and have only owned my Seadoo for a month. New to forum and reviewing it for the last few days looks like a great source of information. I've been searching forums and youtube trying to find information on hunting down noises for probable diagnose to my seadoo mechanical issues. I see post on a 94 driveshaft but nothing about the actual sound its making. Looking at my seadoo from above the engine bay I don't see any obvious driveshaft problems like the other post.

Seadoo has been running really well with exception to a bit rich and fouling plugs. I have put about 10 hours on it since I bought it. Plan to rebuild the carbs this winter. I did replace the solenoid as it died on me at Lake Shasta. Now I know to keep a box of spare parts for the old seadoo on trips.

We had it out on the lake in the morning. Running very well with no odd noises. Shocked how fast this old Seadoo goes! Suddenly the Seadoo made this noise and lost all forward propulsion. Originally I was thinking motor trouble but now taking a closer look and listening potentially I have driveshaft issue? On the video I start below the hull. To me it looks like there is driveshaft wobble and there is sound from the impeller. Then I transition the video from above the engine and that sounds is load. I'm not sure what a bad 2 stroke engine sounds like so I'm sure that is very possible.

When I hold the crankshaft bellows I don't feel like its sloppy or loose at all. I'm thinking about removing the pump, impeller and driveshaft then start the engine to see if I hear the noise.

Looking for feedback to diagnose.


Sound from under and above seadoo
You probably blew out the rubber from the wear ring and is really common when they get old then the ski won’t go anywhere like a slipping clutch.

As far a the clunky and rattling at idle, it’s just what seadoos do because of the design of the pump and is perfectly normal and safe.
Sounds like you need to pull the pump and verify bearings and the wear ring clearance. There are some good DIY threads on here for the pumps, but you will have to search them out as I don't think they are a sticky any longer. There are some videos on line that show some pretty gut wrenching ways of separating the pump, like tying it to a tree and ripping it off by slamming the ski the other direction. I would just build a puller out of 2x4 or piece of plywood like suggested in the threads on this site. I used the Master Pump Rebuild Kit #2 from OSDParts.com with good results on my 94 GTX, so it should fit your unit. I would also suggest getting the pusher cone while you are going in, these older GTXs rattle like crazy at low idle, the pusher cone doesn't fix it, but it does help it.

Also It is hard to see, but it does seem like your rubber impeller boot (27100104) and ring (271000313) are missing, so it is likely someone else has already rebuilt this unit before. It also seems like your shaft has some deflection, but that could also be an optical illusion. If you have the tools I would pull the driveshaft and double check it.

Download the manual if you haven't already. Good Luck, let us know how it goes.
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