1993 GTX and 1991 GT Engine and Parts Questions. Please answer any you can for me. THX!

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Kurtis 500

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I bought these used and not running for 3 years. The GTX runs but around 25mph and a little rough, also wont idle when warm(but does cold..?). The 1991 GT starter just spins like the bendix doesnt come out. Compression is good in the GTX and the guy I bought it from said the GT had good compression too so I'll confirm when I fix the starter issue.

Question 1: Is the 'go-to' approach for these after sitting a while to rebuild the carbs? Can they be cleaned and tuned before spending $200 on kits?

Question 2: The GTX idles cold but when hot needs some throttle to idle. My expereince with 4 strokes is usually the opposite. Does this indicate anything?

Question 3: I have the manuals for both but I cant find the exact carb numbers to order a rebuild if they need it. The 93' GTX is the white motor with 2 cqrbs, the GT is the yellow with 2 carbs.

Question 4: The 1991 GT is missing half of the sealed electronics box. Any suggestions where I can order one besides EBAY?

Question 5: the 1993 needs some small trim items like the gauge rubber bezel and etc. Is there a place that sells these older parts online? The seadoowarehouse only goes down to 1996 when I look for parts.

Lastly, any expereinces you've had taking an old ski and getting it in top running order I can use the advice. Things like filters that commonly plug or parts that commonly needs replacing will go a long way. I have a little $$ to spend and want them reliable..dont care about top speed, I have other boats for that ;)

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