1992 GTX "sounds" like running on one cylinder

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Hi all,

Having a problem with my 92 GTX. it sounds like its running on one cylinder and will barely idle for more than 30 seconds before dying. It has spark, 150 psi in both cylinders, getting gas along with the carbs being very clean after I opened them up.as far as I can tell its not actually running on one cylinder because I can unplug the spark plugs one at a time and it stops running either way. I checked the rv shaft and I can not spin it by hand so I figured the gear is not stripped. I guess I'm wondering if there is any way the intake rv plate timing can be off even though it doesn't seem like an anything is stripped? could the gear have skipped a tooth and reengaged on the next and still function missing a tooth?

What do the plugs look like after you’ve tried to run it? Did you rebuild the carbs, or just inspect them? Let’s get the simple stuff out of the way before you dig in any further...
Plugs are very wet and sooty I assume from only partial combustion which is what it sounds like. I didn't rebuild the the carbs just inspected and they looked perfect inside plus it was running fine the day prior before this problem arose which leads me to believe the carbs are ok. At least not bad enough to make it run this poorly.
I found a video of a different seadoo that sounds like it has a similar problem to mine. Any ideas?
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