‘96 challenger engine bay lid handle broke!

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Hello everyone,
Going to open the rear lid on my ‘96 challenger boat to grab our life jackets the handle broke off. I now have no way to access the storage area where our life jackets are, let alone access the engine bay underneath.
Finding parts is gonna be tough enough to replace the handle, but there is basically only enough room to reach your hand in to operate the handle let alone tools you release the latch and open the lid.

I have no idea where to even begin! Please help out a first time boat owner!

Thank you so much in advance.

The photo included is the handle that broke for reference, I found online.
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When I broke my handle off my challenger, I was able to find a used OEM on Ebay pretty easily. Nick at Westside Powersports should have them too. I'm not near my boat to look and remember how I released it, but IIRC, I either tapped the spring catch to the side with a screwdriver or hooked it and pulled the arm forward. When I get to my boat, I'll update this post..

Edit: The more I think of it, I believe I unbolted it while closed with a 10mm (I believe) wrench (tedious but possible) and opened the hatch to expose the mechanism, then pried the spring clip open to remove the broken one..
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Undo these bolts..
Yeah, finding those is not gonna be a problem. Every seadoo ski used at latest 2 of them.. one on the seat one on the hood or 2. If you can get a 10mm wrench in there you can undo the 2 screws someone circled in red.
I will try with a wrench, but I can barely get my fingers in there let alone a wrench. Also I don't see how I would get the angle to reach the bolt, I would need a U-shaped wrench. I will try my best and report back.

If I could remove the back rest part in the photo with the arrow, Id have the clearance to reach the bolts but I dont see how without removing it.Photo 2020-05-27, 11 54 59 AM copy.jpg

I had to sacrifice a 10mm wrench. Cut and welded it to make it work. Took forever to remove the bolts, but didn't have to damage anything else
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