won't turn over

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    No spark

    Hey everyone, Been awhile since I've been on. Just recently came up with a prob on a 1997 gtx. We recently took it out I storage and it fired up and ran a little rough. Now it doesn't have spark at all. When it was done we ran too much water from the hose and it got into the cylinders. We...
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    2003 Utopia 205 - Merc 240 Won't Start

    Hi All, I've got a 2003 Sea-Doo Utopia 205 with the Mercury 240 EFI. I've had this boat for 7 years and it has run well up to this point... Took it out this past weekend and was about 100 yards out and running at no wake speed when the engine died. Engine would crank but would not fire up...
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    95 xp problem turning over?

    Hi guys and gals I have a seadoo xp and it has problems turning over. I replaced the starter and it's not the battery. When I'm trying to start it I can tap the front of the motor where the starter goes in and it will start to turn over. Is that a gear box that might just need cleaned out? Also...