1. C

    Need help - Plug wire positions on 787 - 1998 Speedster twins

    Hi guys, I'm restoring 1998 Speedster with twin 787s. I made a mistake and took both wires on both engines off spark plugs before taking a picture.. I need to know where wire #1 and #2 go on the engine, manual has a diagram (parts catalog) but I'm not 100% positive if it is correct and...
  2. Dave Sportster LE Boat

    New Fuel Gauge but wires don't match? Please Help.................

    Hi Guys, I bought 3 second hand gauges for my 2003 Sportster LE 951 carb boat. The Speedo and Rev Counter wires matched perfect and work a treat however the Fuel gauge wires are different :mad: My original fuel gauge has 5 wires: 1 x black 1 x pink 1 x light purple 1 x light blue 1...
  3. Q

    Help with 1992 xp 587 - No fire

    Just rebuilt the top end of my '92 xp after it sat for 8 years. and I put everything back together. NO FIRE .... How do I check the magnito to see if there is spark coming from it? Mine has 4 wires, should they all be HOT ? Because Only 1 is hot right now.