1. jharding08

    Maintaining Sea Doo batteries over winter

    I've had my two 1996 Sea Doo GTS PWCs for about 4 years now. They came with EverStart Lead Acid batteries, not sure how old. I have been maintaining them in my garage over the winter with a 2A battery smart charger, where I would charge every month to maintain 100% (12.6V) Over the years the...
  2. P

    Winterization Question

    I just finished rehabbing a 2003 Seadoo GTX-DI that included rebuilding the top end. It hasn't been in the water in years. I've never put it on a hose. My question is, do I need to run some RV antifreeze in and fog the cylinders and just go ahead and winterize it? I live in Arkansas, so it...
  3. B

    2021 GTI SE 170 - Changeable Oil

    Question about the "Changeable" Oil Quantity. I have 2 x 2021 GTI SE 170s, with about 20 hours on both. End of the season means time for oil changes and winterization up here in Canada. I did the all the necessary work last weekend, and when I changed the oil, I got 4L of oil out of both...
  4. E

    2009 Seadoo Utopia Winterization

    Hi all, I have a new to me 2009 seadoo utopia and I need to winterize it. It has twin rotax 155hp. Looking for some pointers on the best way to winterize as I have never done this before.
  5. M

    Winterizing question

    Hello, sorry if this has already been covered. I tried searching for the information, but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I'm a new Spark owner, bought a 2016 2up earlier this spring with 22hrs on it. I purchased it from a local dealership and before picking it up they replaced...
  6. Gordo

    Speedster 150 Neutral Override Switch for Fogging

    I am posting this for those that do their own engine winterizing and find it is a pain to hold the mechanical throttle to WOT when it is time to fog the engine. That was exactly my scenario this weekend, my 2010 Speedster is tucked into the corner of my garage and getting access to the...
  7. 99spxman

    2012 Wake 210 (310 hp) Drowned Mode Throttle Accelerator Sensor TAS location?

    Hello all, long time SEADOO owner, just recently purchased a low use 2012 Seadoo Wake 210 sportboat for the family this summer. Im in the midst of doing my first Winterization and need some assistance. I completely understand the process of doing the winterization in the owners manual, but...
  8. james1300

    97' GSX Winterization? New member. (2) whole days

    There must be a good article/ video for the complete winterization of my boat. (I've had it for 4 months) I go to, "You Tube". Some people start and run water out and call it good. The Factory manual has me disconnecting 3 hoses and clamping 2 of 3 hoses, then pouring RV anti-freeze into the...
  9. L

    Winterizing, anti-corrosion treatment?

    Hi guys, do you use to treat the external parts of the engine with anti-corrosion lube? If so, what is the right product to use before winter storage , WD-40 , CRC 6-66 , XPS Lube , other?
  10. S

    2001 challenger 1800 sat for 10 years

    Hi, I have 4 questions I hope you guys can answer. 1)I have a 2001 challenger 1800 240 EFI that sat for 10 years. Just put in a new battery and when I turn on the key a relay (lookin at the motor from the drivers seat - right side) just keeps clicking and the starter spins but does not...
  11. H

    Fearful post here- winterization....

    Well... short story is that we had some really bad situations that is too much to go into on here lol. Bottom line is the 01 islandia (240efi merc) did not get winterized last fall and we have had the worst winter in 40 years (figures). I am scared to death on what has happened- have not...
  12. N

    Do I need to winterize????? with a blown motor

    If the engine is blown on my1999 xp Seadoo do I still need to winterize it or can I just put it in my garage until spring when I plan to get it repaired?
  13. scottozy

    Essential tips for storing a PWC

    IHope you find this video as informative as I did. Shows correct way to prepare your PWC for winter / long term storage. Explains cleaning and fogging also...