1. C

    Pulling a tube advice

    First time poster, so please be nice and patient :). I have a '16 GTX 300 for reference that I bought new. I have been pulling skiers and tubes with it since we got it. I was pulling a tube the other day and all of a sudden it stopped the ski abruptly, yanked the ski back and under the water and...
  2. Ruff Cut

    Heat wrap the exhaust ?

    I just installed the Riva Exhaust on my 2006 RXP 215hp w/SC. I'm doing a few things to keep the engine compartment as cool as possible. What do you think of using heat wrap around the exhaust tube after the water box ? Like this : 2" Titanium 5Ft Exhaust Header Fiberglass Heat Wrap Tape+6 Ties...
  3. F

    Stalling/choking when pulling a tube on water. (Utopia 205, 2003, 200hp EFI)

    Hi, I have a Utopia 205, year 2003. The motor is a Mercury Optimax 200 M2 JetDrive. When cruising on water with a fare amount of people (max 8) and equipment store everywhere, all is fine. BUT when pulling a tube with a adult (175 lbs) after several minute, the motor stall/choke...
  4. Rob_GTR215

    Towing tubes behind a 2013 GTR 215

    Hi, we have a 2009 Wake Pro 215 which we have used to tow up to three people on tubes, using the ski pole on the Wake. We have just purchased a 2013 GTR 215, and it does not have a ski pole. Can we use the rear tow hook to tow tubers? Will the tow hook take as much force as the ski pole...
  5. Double07

    Can I pull a wakeboard on my 98 GTX Limited?

    I just got a 98 GTX limited which I am almost done rebuilding the engine. I want to try wakeboarding this summer and was wondering if the doo can pull a wakeboard. If yes, where do I tie the rope? There is a small hook right above the two opennings in the back that squirts water when flushing...