1. S

    Fault Code 1505

    I recently bought two 2020 GTI 130 PRO. When I bought the jet skis one of them did not have a TOPS switch and I was getting Fault Codes P1505 and P1506. I installed a new TOPS switch and Fault Code P1506 went way but P1505 is still there. I put it in exact like the other 2020 GTI is...
  2. NPack

    07 Seadoo RXT P1502 Code - TOPS Functional Problem

    Hi Folks, I have an 07 Seadoo RXT that started throwing a P1502 error code at me. With this code, I get the 2 second beep at start up, the flashing check engine light, and then it will beep at me again every 15 minutes. The ski is also limited to 5000 RPMs, 35mph max, and limited acceleration...
  3. D

    Sensor issues with 2011 4-TEC NA transplant into 2003 GTX NA

    Hi all, I have just installed a 2011 NA 4-TEC into a 2003 GTX. Managed to get it started but have check eng error. The main issue I am seeking advice on is that the oil suction assembly is different on the 2011 engine and therefore the two sensor leads that go to the TOPS and OSPS have no...
  4. K

    Beeps without the lanyard

    I've searched for answers for the past two weeks and can't find anything. MY 2005 SEADOO GTX SC BEEPS WITHOUT THE KEY ON THE DESS!!!!!! I've disconnected the connector that leads to the DESS and the start/stop switch, and the ski still beeps, AND the instrument cluster turns on. ALSO, the TOPS...
  5. S

    New to Jet Ski... have a starting problem

    Hi everyone. I just got a 2005 RXT a few weeks ago. It's my first ski. It was running fine until last week. I started it up for a second the night before I was planning to head out and it cranked up. I shut it down and a few seconds later tried to start it again but nothing. To be...
  6. M

    Multiple issues (related?)

    Hello everyone, I'm a seasoned boater, but fairly new to the world of PWC's. I recently got a good deal on an '04 RXP. The day after I got it home the new battery was nearly completely discharged. I put it on the charger and noticed the TOPS valve energize as well as what sounds like the...